Cookie Policy

We take your privacy seriously and as such have listed below cookies used by our website, their name and why we use them. Also detailed is what our cookies cannot do:

They cannot tell us where you have been before you got here - but will tell us how you got here e.g. clicked link on google ads, google, facebook, bing etc
They cannot tell us where you are going once you have left us - but they may shove an occasional ad in your face on a page of related content
They cannot tell us what is on your other screen
They cannot tell us what you did last website
They are not listening to you
They cannot see you
They have a very particular set of skills but they will not find you uses the following cookies


Name: _hjIncludedInSample 
Type: Analytics
Desciption: This cookie hooks our website up with a handy piece of kit known as "HotJar". It enables us to set up things like heatmaps and record sessions. The day may come that we stop using it, but not until everyone is seemlessly floating through the website filling their basket with all sorts of beautiful networking products, navigating the website like a majestic and efficient bird of prey and entering their payment details without fuss. That day is not now.

Name: _ga and _gid
Type: Analyitcs
Description: This sends website usuage data to us via Google Analytics and is used to distinguish users. It helps to calculate visitor, session, campaign data and keep track of site usage for the site's analytics report. The cookies store information anonymously and assign a randomly generated number to identify unique visitors. 

Name: _gac_
Type: Analytics 
Description: This works in much the same way as the cookies detailed above but relates specifically to paid advertising on google and goes some way to explaining why we do not yet have a small company yacht and an employee-breakout-villa in Mallorca and also why Google are massive. 

Name: TawkConnectionTime
Type: Communication
Description: We use a handy online chat feature known as "" wherby visitors to the website can communicate via an on-site messaging serivce. This particular cookie tells the website how long you appeaer to have been lost on the website activate the "would you like to talk" (or similar) box in the bottom right hand corner.

Names: Tawk_*   __tawkuuid   __cfduid
Type: Analytics
Description: These are all related to our on-site chat feature and allow us to see information such as pages visited on the website prior to initialising a chat session and which page you are on now. This helps us to deal with your query / enquiry as efficiently as possible.

Cookies, cookies, cookies. You can disable them within your browser but without them; certain features on this website will not function properly, that cuddly fluffy blue guy with an unhealthy addiction to biscuits would have long passed away and our website would still look like this ... Is that what you want? Is it? ....

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