Operations during COVID-19

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COVID 19 / Coronavirus (Updated 2nd April 2020)

We have in place a plan that currently keeps us open and trading as normal, from a customer perspective, for the foreseeable future.

What has changed?

Our sales, purchasing and accounts teams are working from home. They have all been given powerful wireless access points (from stock – obviously) to allow them to be as far away from their kids as possible during trading hours. Calls to 01823 653100 will be diverted to them in the first instance. With just two people remaining at our 4000sq ft premises social distancing is quite easy. We now have a toilet each and only one uses the kitchen. As the only surfaces that both are likely to come into contact with all internal doors are secured open. No equipment is shared. PHE guidelines are being followed.

Why are you still open?

Our customer portfolio includes NHS, Utilities, Government & MoD establishments and many of our private sector customers are classed as “Critical National Infrastructure” such as ISP's & Data Centres. As a key supplier to many of these establishments, we aim to keep our warehouse as near to fully functional for the foreseeable future. At the time of writing we have supplied urgent equipment to 5 hospitals. 

Deliveries & Cut-Off

The bulk of our deliveries are sent via TNT or DPD and we have, to date, experienced very few issues although there are reports that some delivery depots in the London area are short-staffed and are incurring some minor delays. 

So, as far as our customers are concerned, new and old, we are here.

Keep safe, stay away from that beach party and try to avoid packing yourselves into tightly packed sub-terranean transport systems. If we don't hear from you before we look forward to hearing from you later.

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