Draytek 2862 series - currently supported 3G/4G USB modems

To ensure that your router includes the most up to date modem support, please check to make sure it is running the latest firmware. The PDF below indicates USB modems that have been tested for compatibility and work correctly with our routers.

The PDF below shows the latest 3G/4G USB modem support list:
USB Dongle Support list PDF

USB 3G/4G (LTE) USB Modem Support List

All major cellphone networks within Europe now support 3G or 4G (LTE) data; 

All of the networks provide USB modems. These are typically available 'free' on most monthly data contracts, or to buy on PAYG ('Pay as You Go') packages.  Modems supplied by the telcos are normally 'locked' to their respective networks.  Check with your chosen network provider for their current models. The 3G/4G USB modem connects directly into a DrayTek router/firewall and provides shared Internet connectivity to all PCs and other devices on your network, including wireless laptops (if you have a  DrayTek product with WiFi).

Note:  If you are using a DrayTek product with 3G/4G embedded/built-in, you do not need to use/add a USB modem - the 3G/4G model is built in - the SIM card slots directly into the router. See the Vigor 2862Ln

Unsupported & New USB Modems 

We continuously add support for new modems as they become widely available, though we cannot guarantee to support every specific new model. If you have a modem that you find isn't yet supported or listed on the above PDF, it may be possible to obtain logs for our engineers to assess and potentially include support for that modem in a later router firmware. Please contact support if you find a widely available and current modem that is not supported.

Places to buy 3G/4G USB Modems

Apart from the units supplied by the telcos directly (which is often the cheapest method, but the modems are locked to their respective networks, if you wish to buy a compatible USB modem independently then you can find sellers on online web shops. Also, mass market online sites like Amazon and ebay normally has a good selection of compatible modems.

*Note : Cellular 3G service is subject to service availability or signal reception in your area and the use of a compatible USB modem with your chosen DrayTek product . Each 3G network offers varying service parameters, speeds, monthly download limits, blocking/throttling of certain traffic types. Please contact your chosen network for full details of their particular service.