Blank Panels

1U Blank Panel
  • 1U Blank Panel
  • 5U Blank Panel
  • Vented 1U Panel

Blank plates cover unsightly spare slots in the cabinet, give a professional finishing touch to any installation AND enable cabinet fans to draw a more concentrated through-put of air.

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U Name Part No Price Quantity Line price
1U 19" Rackmount Blank Panel D601050 £3.00 ex VAT
£3.60 inc VAT
2U 19" Rackmount Blank Panel D601060 £3.58 ex VAT
£4.30 inc VAT
3U 19" Rackmount Blank Panel D601070 £4.45 ex VAT
£5.34 inc VAT
4U 19" Rackmount Blank Panel D601080 £5.92 ex VAT
£7.10 inc VAT
1U 19" Rackmount Vented Blank Panel D601110 £4.85 ex VAT
£5.82 inc VAT


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