Wall Mounted Data Cabinet

Wall Cabinet

Wall Data Cabinets 450mm deep

Standard cabinet equipped with 19" mounting posts.
Locking side doors.
Tempered glass to BS EN 12150.
Frame 1.2mm Steel . Mounting post 1.5mm steel. Others parts 1mm.
Cable entry on top and bottom. Fan Hole on top.

High quality and functional wall cabinet designed to suit the exacting requirements of the Data industry. Finished in a textured dark grey/black powder coat/ paint.



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U Size Description Part No Price Quantity Line price
4U W600 x D450 x H261 Wall Cabinet 19inch Rack D104645 £65.00 ex VAT
£78.00 inc VAT
6U W600 x D450 x H350 Wall Cabinet 19inch Rack D106645 £67.00 ex VAT
£80.40 inc VAT
9U W600 x D450 x H483 Wall Cabinet 19inch Rack D109645 £80.00 ex VAT
£96.00 inc VAT
12U W600 x D450 x H616 Wall Cabinet 19inch Rack D112645 £97.50 ex VAT
£117.00 inc VAT
15U W600 x D450 x H750 Wall Cabinet 19inch Rack D115645 £108.90 ex VAT
£130.68 inc VAT


4U/450 Wall cabinet - H 261mm x D 450mm x W 530mm    Max 45Kg

6U/450 Wall cabinet - H 350mm x D 450mm x W 530mm    Max 50Kg

9U/450 Wall cabinet - H 483mm x D 450mm x W 530mm    Max 55Kg

12U/450 Wall cabinet - H 616mm x D 450mm x W 530mm    Max 60Kg

15U/450 Wall cabinet - H 750mm x D 450mm x W 530mm    Max 65Kg


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