C13 & C19 Mixed Vertical - Remote Current Monitoring

Vertical Current Monitored PDU with 20 x C13 and 4 x C19 sockets. 3 metre to a 16A or 32A EN60309 single phase plug.


Local and remote current monitoring via digital display and Ethernet connection. User friendly GUI via on-board web server accessible from any web browser. SNMP traps and alarms for communication to central management software.

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Plug Socket Description Part No Price Quantity Line price
16A Comm 20x IEC C13 + 4x IEC C19 Mixed Skt Vertical Remote Amps PDU Y24E3X1 £359.65 ex VAT
£431.58 inc VAT
32A Comm 20x IEC C13 + 4x IEC C19 Mixed Skt Vertical Remote Amps PDU Y24E4X1 £313.97 ex VAT
£376.76 inc VAT


Geist's Current Monitored units offer local monitoring via LED Display
providing current usage at a glance. That reduces the chances of overloading a PDU
when adding, removing or adjusting equipment. Additionally, this 24 way mixed socket
unit is supplied with an ethernet port for remote monitoring, giving a snapshot reading
of power usage through any internet connection. No external software is required, and
is compatible with SNMP & XML for easy tracing of critical data. SNMP data traps allow
trending of the data with DCiM software.


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