USB Card Reading Desk Grommet

I703060 USB Desk Grommet

Not only does this stylish grommet tidy up your cables, it also plugs in to your PC via a USB lead giving you a flush desk mounted card reader, 3x USB ports, and 2x 3.5mm Jacks for headphones, speakers, mic etc.

It comes with a 1m launch lead that splits in to 4x 10cm tails: 2x USB and 2x 3.5mm Jacks. This is fitted to the underside of the grommet and connects to your PC.

This is a "plug n play" device. Thought you may wish to holesaw yourself an 80mm hole before fitting. Can also be used to replace a standard desk grommet.

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Description Part No Price Quantity Line price
USB Desk Grommet with SD Card Slot, 2x 3.5mm Jack & 3xUSB Sockets F601090 £16.00 ex VAT
£19.20 inc VAT


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