RJ45 Economiser/Cat5e Splitter

Cat 5 Splitter

Sold singularly, but usually required in pairs. Nearly all Cat5e & Cat6 installations use only half of the 4 pairs contained within the cable. With one RJ45 Economiser (aka Cat5e Splitter) at the wall socket/desk end and another at the patch panel these devices allow the user to make use of the dormant pairs and negate the need to re-cable from the cabinet for an extra socket.

NB These RJ45 economisers / Cat5e Splitters are compatible with Cat6 but are only rated to Cat5e.

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Description Part No Price Quantity Line price
RJ45 Economiser / Cat5e Splitter I702040 £3.83 ex VAT
£4.60 inc VAT


This product allows for two sources to share one cable. E.g. 1 to be fitted at the patch panel and the other fitted at the desk / wall socket end.

It negates the need for a costly installation of another cable to the wall outlet.

This product is not for sharing one signal. Therefore the following will not work: 
1 x PC + 1 x XBox (or PC!) > Both plugged in to Splitter > Splitter Plugged in to Router > Router plugged in to The Internet = Disapointment.

If your router only has one RJ45 port then you need a switch.
Alternatively you may wish to consider a new router with built in switch.
If your router has a built in switch and it has run out of ports then you need another switch.


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