OM4 50/125 Fibre Patch Leads

OM4 is the latest in Multimode Fibre. The lead is manufactured from higher grade 50/125 OM4 cable with Ultra-Polished Connectors (UPC) as standard. Stock leads are supplied on 3.0mm zipcord. Each lead is supplied individually bagged with test results and unique serial number attached. Stock colour is purple, other colours are available on request.

Currently LC-LC and LC-SC are available for Next Day Delivery with the other types on a short lead time.

Please see below comparison against the other multimode types:

Fibre Type
100 Mb Ethernet1 Gb Ethernet10 Gb Ethernet40 Gb Ethernet100 Gb Ethernet
OM1 (62.5/125) up to 550 metres 220 metres 33 metres N/A N/A
OM2 (50/125) up to 550 metres 550 meters 82 metres N/A N/A
OM3 (50/125) up to 550 metres 550 metres 300 metres 100 metres 100 metres
OM4 (50/125) up to 550 metres 550 metres >400 metres 125 metres 125 metres


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Details View Full Range