Standard Monitor Arms

Height Adjustable Single Flat Screen Arm
  • Height Adjustable Dual Flat Screen Arm
  • Height Adjustable Triple Flat Screen Arm
  • Height Adjustable Quad Flat Screen Arm

 Cable management system reduces desktop clutter
 Universal 75mm and 100mm Vesa plates included 
 Monitor arms fully height and length adjustable 
 Both grommet and clamp fixing options supplied 
 9kg weight capacity per arm 
 Integral cable management clips 

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Colour Name Part No Price Quantity Line price
Silver Height Adjustable Single Flat Screen Arm F601300 £44.00 ex VAT
£52.80 inc VAT
Silver Height Adjustable Double Flat Screen Arm F601310 £72.00 ex VAT
£86.40 inc VAT
Silver Height Adjustable Triple Flat Screen Arm F601320 £92.00 ex VAT
£110.40 inc VAT
Silver Height Adjustable Quad Flat Screen Arm F601330 £125.00 ex VAT
£150.00 inc VAT


Monitor arms are a desktop system which both reduces desktop clutter, and allows flexibility by adjusting your monitors height and position. By raising the monitor from the desk, both the desktop workspace is increase, and the moniotor can be maneuvered into a more ergonomic position.

Integral cable management clips ensure that there are no trailing leads between the desk level and the monitor itself. Cables can pass through the main post of the monitor arm itself, cables are out of sight.

Universal Vesa plates mean that the arm can be used with all Vesa 75/100 monitors.
Pivots in the monitor arms allow ±180° of movement, with two pivot points per arm. The Vesa mount features a 360° rotation to position monitors in either portrait or landscape, and the mount can also tilt -85°~15° to ensure a comfortable viewing experience. These adjustment mechanisms, combined with full height adjustment, means that monitors can be positioned in virtually any position.

All monitor arms can be fixed to to edge of the desk via the fully adjustable desk clamp.

The single and double monitor arms also come with a through the desk mounting option.

Monitor arms are stocked in Silver as standard, black and white available on request.

The monitor arm features an integral cable management system. Cables can be fed directly through the upright of the monitor arm. Exiting from the top, cables can then be managed via clips along the length of the monitor arm, directly to the monitor.

Monitors can be maneuvered into virtually any position, thanks to the combination of adjustment mechanisms: height adjustment; 180° arm pivot; rotating and tilting Vesa mount

Adjustable desk clamps will fit almost all desks. With scew clamps, and 3 different height clamp fixings, the monitor arms can be fitted to desks with a depth between 0mm-98mm


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