UK Mains Plug - IEC C5 Socket (Clover Leaf) Lead

UK - C5

Power Cables/Cords/leads - UK Mains Plug to IEC C5 Mains Lead (Clover Leaf):
UK 5 Amp Plug to IEC C5 Socket (2.5 Amp) with H05VV-F 3x0.75mm² Cable in black.

Example Uses:
Powering some laptops, mobile projectors and also can be found on the Apple iMAC G4 desktop computer and other home electrical appliances.

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Description Colour Part No Price Quantity Line price
2.0m UK 5A Plug to IEC C5, 0.75mm Cable Black E4C0020 £2.34 ex VAT
£2.81 inc VAT


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