Cat5e Patch Cables RJ45 UTP

Part: A501003

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Category 5e Patch Cables fully tested & verified to ISO11801

  • High Performance Gigabit Patch Cables
  • Manufactured using 24AWG 100% copper wire
  • Large stocks of all colour & length combinations available for next day delivery
  • Moulded Strain Relief Boot
  • 10,000s In Stock - Bulk Prices Available
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Category 5e UTP Patch Cables. Manufactured, tested and verified to the ISO11801 and EIA/TIA standards for enhanced performance. Constructed with RJ45 plugs (50-micron gold) and 100% Copper 24AWG stranded Cat5e cable. With flush strain relief boot.

Data Sheet

Conductor Material Bare Copper
Size 24 AWG
Construction 7/0.2 ± 0.015 mm
Insulation Pair Colours Blue/White-Blue
Elongation MIN 300 %
Tensile strength MIN 1.682 Kg/mm²
Sheath Material PVC Jacket
Thickness MIN at any point: 0.40 mm MIN AVG: 0.45 mm
Diameter 5.4 ± 0.3 mm
Elongation MIN 125%
Tensile strength MIN 0.917 Kg/mm²
  • Cat5e Patch Cable Answer: Yes, you just won't enjoy the higher performance capabilities of the Cat6 Patch Panel, which is unlikely to matter on a short length of a few metres connected to a PC performing standard mundane office tasks and a bit of youtube at lunchtime.

    Cat5e Premises Cable Answer: Yes - but why would you? (unless of course, you are looking to upgrade your Cat5e cable soon)
    When Category 6 was first ratified as a standard it was fairly commonplace for larger network installations to consist of Cat6 Patch Panels and RJ45 Wall Outlets connected via Cat5e Cable. This was down to the cost of the cable as back in the early 2000s 305m Cat6 UTP would set you back around £80 to £100 whereas a 305m box of Cat5e could be picked up for less than £20. Any network engineer with the foresight of future-proofing however, would have advised, in the event of a customer looking how to best use a limited budget, to do things the other way around. Install Cat6 cable and save cash with Cat5e accessories. This way patch panels and wall outlets could be upgraded to Cat6 at a later date for less money overall having factored in the man-hours required to run new cables in.

    So in short, we advise that for new network installations of Cat6 Panels use Cat6 premises cable. For a network with existing Cat5e infrastructure cables, yes, a Cat6 panel will work just fine, albeit to the performance capabilities of the existing cat5e.

    At the time of writing in 2020 the difference between a box of Cat5e & Cat6 is far less hence most installations today are full Cat6. This said we are seeing a steep rise in the sales of Cat6a, watch this space!

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