Cat5e UTP Standard Patch Panel

Part: A103011

Standard Cat5e UTP Unshielded 1U 24 Port RJ45 Patch Panel

  • 568A & B Colour Coded IDC Punch-Down Termination
  • Krone & 110 Punch Down Tool Compatible
  • 4 Optional Cable Management Rings
  • Supplied With 5x Cable Ties
  • Cat5 Enhanced T568B Specification
  • Call For Project Pricing
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  • Option 1: Call a network engineer

    Option 2: You will be needing an IDC Punchdown Tool and a Stripper and a decent pair of cutters

    1) Cut the cable and ensure it is a clean-cut.

    2) Strip around 40mm of the outer sheath. The cores are colour coded, for example; the orange pair will be made up of one solid orange core and an orange & white core. The IDC Terminal Block on the rear of the patch panel will have the same colour code usually made of coloured squares, dots or circles. This particular patch panel uses colour-coded circles.

    3) It is important to retain the twist in each pair as close to its termination point as possible. Depending on the cable you are using you should only need to untwist each pair once to reach the corresponding terminal. Locate the individual cores into their respective terminal.

    4) Cable Management: Flatten the rest of the still sheathed cable along the panel so that it has a smooth exit into your cabinet. Often engineers will have half the cables exiting one side of the panel and vice versa.

    5) Once the individual cores are located into the IDC grab your punch down tool and line it up with the terminal making sure the cutter is on the outside edge of the IDC. Firmly and swiftly push the punch down tool into the cable. There will be a satisfying clunk and click and the excess cable should now have been detached. The Insulation has now been successfully Displaced and the cable is Connected

    6) Repeat. 

    7) Before mounting the panel into it's rack be sure that the panel is free of any excess copper or cuts.

    This is a very basic guide and is not intended as step-by-step instruction. We will upload a video soon to better explain. Having watched a few we can tell you that there are some really bad videos on this very subject! The most common error is not keeping the cables twisted. This is important, even for this short distance. The other is stripping way too much of the cable's outer jacket away. Without it the cables can become untwisted if knocked and stop performing. 

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