Cat5e Patch Cables RJ45 UTP LSZH Snagless

Part: A541005

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Category 5e Patch Cables with LS0H/LSZH sheath

  • Large Stocks Of All Colour & Length Combinations Available
  • Fully Tested & Verified To ISO11801
  • Snagless Strain Relief Boot
  • Manufactured Using 24 AWG 100% Copper Wire
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Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LS0H/LSZH) Category 5e UTP Patch cables. Manufactured, tested and verified to the ISO11801 and EIA/TIA standards for enhanced performance. Constructed with RJ45 plugs (50 micron gold) and 100% Copper 25AWG stranded Cat5e cable.

​​​​​​Data Sheet

Conductor Material Bare Copper
Size 24 AWG
Construction 7/0.2 ± 0.015 mm
Insulation Material HDPE
Thickness MIN at any point: 0.15 mm MAX AVG: 0.25 mm
Diameter 0.96 ± 0.06 mm
Pair Colours Blue/White-Blue
Elongation MIN 300 %
Tensile strength MIN 1.682 Kg/mm²
Sheath Material LSOH Jacket
Thickness MIN at any point: 0.40 mm MIN AVG: 0.45 mm
Diameter 5.4 ± 0.3 mm
Colour Grey [ RAL 7047 / Pantone Cool Grey 3C ]
Red [ RAL 3018 / Pantone 198C ]
Blue [ Pantone 7468C ]
Green [ Pantone 361C ]
Yellow [ RAL 1018 / Pantone 129C ]
Elongation MIN 125%
Tensile strength MIN 0.917 Kg/mm²
  • This our very basic take on an important issue. I.e. if you were to use rule of thumb (which you shouldn't when it comes to fire saftey) this would be the answer but for further reading please look up Building Regulations Fire Saftey Part B. The subject is also covered in BS 7211, BS 6724, BSEN 50525.

    Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) - Low Smoke Halogen Free (LSHF) - Low Smoke 0 Halogen (LS0F - LSoH)
    These all mean the pretty much the same thing. Any cables, including Patch Cables with either of these sheaths are subject to strict governance concerning it's make up. The are made from thermoplastic compounds meaning no halogen is emitted. 
    To meet British and European standards these cables bust emit no more than 0.5% of their weight as HCL when on fire

    Low Smoke & Fume (LSF)
    For a manufacturer to mark their cable with "LSF" does not require the meeting of the same set of strict criteria regarding the sheath's make up. LSF is made from PVC and once on fire gives off a thick black smoke and produces Hydrogen Chloride (HCL), which when combined with moisture forms the very dangerous Hydrochloric Acid.
    These cables have been found to emit in excess of 20% of their weight as HCL when on fire.

    Why is this an FAQ when to the best of our knowledge there aren't any Cat5e or Cat6 patch cables made with LSF sheaths * anyway?
    Because the existence of the many different acronyms in many different industries that have changed over many years has lead to our often getting asked for something other than LSZH and this leads to confusion and occasionally lost orders. An understandable but common error is for a customer to ask for LSF Patch Cables instead of LSZH.
    * to the best of our knowledge, if they do exist we do not have access to them.

  • Many people specify snagless cables if they have a busy server rack with a lot of cables that often require re-patching. Reason being that if you frequently need re-patch clients and need to pull a cable out from within the rack the locating tab on the underside of the RJ45 plug can often get caught and ripped off or worse, cause damage to whatever it gets caught on.  There a a few variations on a snagless booted patch cable. Some are referred to as "fully booted" or "hoods" as they completely cover the tag. However, if you are the one re-patching or re-cabling the server cabinet you will soon come to dislike them as the force required to push the tag down through the boot in order to release the cable from whatever it is plugged into with leave you with some pretty sore digits! This is not the case with our snagless cables as there is no "hood" just a soft flexible strip to prevent snagging.

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