UK 13A Plug to IEC C15 Hot Connector

Part: E4H0020

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Moulded BS1363 Standard UK 13A UK 3 pin plug to IEC C15 (hot condition) power lead

Moulded UK Plug With 13 Amp Fuse BS1363
Moulded IEC C15 Hot Condition Female To IEC60320 C15
Flexible H05RNF Cable
Conductor: 3 Core 1mm

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1.0mm H05RNF Flex -13A Fused UK Plug 
Very similar to the commonplace cable UK To C14 but with a high power C15 connector capable of operating in higher temperatures than the standard C13. Many high power devices now require this connector such as powerful servers in a cabinet. The "notch" prevents use of an under-spec cable. 

  • The IEC C15 Connector has been around for decades. Since around 1970 in fact.

    A few years before the world's first servers and almost three decades before Tim's first Web-Server it was used for power-hungry devices that got hot, for example; kettles & water urns. Hence it is known as a "Kettle Cable" or as in Australia, a "Jug Plug", which definitely has a better ring to it. So, powerful servers require small but powerful connectors that can operate at high temperatures such as those found in a data centre or server cabinet. The IEC C15 wasn't broke so they didn' fix it.

    NB Not to be (but often is) confused with the IEC C13 Connector

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