Data Comms Direct stock a complete range of AV adapters and leads including dual link cables, male to female adapters, HDMI Cables and DVI cables. Our range helps you achieve unrivalled connectivity between different types of media, with all of our products being hand-picked for quality and reliability to ensure a seamless AV experience.

Gas Powered Height Adjustable Sit & Stand Desk Workstation

From £160.00 Incl. VAT: £192.00

360 Degree Desk Mount Monitor Stands

From £44.00 Incl. VAT: £52.80

USB 3.1 C Male - HDMI Male 2.0m Cable

£11.68 Incl. VAT: £14.02

Free Flow Gas Monitor Arms

From £107.00 Incl. VAT: £128.40

DisplayPort - DVI-D Cable

£5.39 Incl. VAT: £6.47


£3.46 Incl. VAT: £4.15

DVI-I Male to VGA Female Adaptor

£1.48 Incl. VAT: £1.78

DisplayPort Cable - Male to Male

From £3.32 Incl. VAT: £3.98

VGA Cables M-F

From £3.16 Incl. VAT: £3.79

HDMI Male to Male Cable

From £1.35 Incl. VAT: £1.62

VGA Male-Male Cable

From £1.79 Incl. VAT: £2.15

DVI-I Male to Male Dual Link Cable

From £4.40 Incl. VAT: £5.28

VGA Female to Female Adaptor

£1.40 Incl. VAT: £1.68

VGA Male to Male Adaptor

£1.40 Incl. VAT: £1.68

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