In Desk Pop-Up Letterbox Style Power with LJ6C Cutouts

Part: E752400
  • In desk letterbox style, power and data/multimedia unit, providing power and connectivity for the modern office workplace.
  • Stylish brushed aluminium finish with brush strip for cable exit.
  • Individually fused UK power outlets ensures they are compliant with BS6396:2002.
  • LJ6C Cut Outs can be populated with Data modules or Multimedia ports such as HDMI, making them ideal for Boardrooms.
  • Fits most desk thicknesses using the supplied locking clamps.
  • from £58.33
  • Incl. VAT: £70.00

Individually Fused UK BS1363 Sockets • Conforms to BS6396:2008 / BS5733 • LJ6C Cutouts can fit a variety of modules to provide ports such as RJ45, HDMI, VGA, Audio • Supplied with locking clamps to fit desk thickness of 25mm to 90mm • GST-18 Input Connector on 300mm tail*

*Additional purchase of Starter Cable is required to connect to UK mains socket

Locking clamps can be cut to fit any desk thickness from 25 to 90mm

The desk cut out size required for the units are as follows:

E752400 (2x UK Power 4x LJ6C Cutouts) - 132 x 280mm

E754400 (4x UK Power 4x LJ6C Cutouts) - 132 x 385mm

Product Information
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