Gas Powered Height Adjustable Sit & Stand Desk Workstation

Part: F601600

Commercial Grade Sit-Stand Workstation Allows You To Easily Switch Between Sitting & Standing At Your Desk

  • Removable Keyboard & Mouse Shelf
  • Gas Assisted Lift Mechanism For Easy Smooth Movement
  • Heavy Base Ensures Sturdy Working Environment
  • No Screws, Simple Lever Control
  • Glanded Hole At The Rear To Allow Monitor Arm Installation
  • Convenient Slot On The Monitor Shelf for Phones/Tablets
  • from £160.00
  • Incl. VAT: £192.00

Most of the Sit Stand Workstations on the market have basic 'X' type extenders, which can trap fingers. They also often have two clutches which can produce uneven movement. Our Sit Stand Desk Workstation solves this by having a slim central gas activation pillar, operated by a simple lever control. The weighed base also ensures a sturdy working environment whether you at sat or stood up at your desk.

Sit/Stand Workstation

Max Monitor Weight: 15kg

Max Shelf Weight: 2kg

Monitor Shelf Size: 680 x 520mm

Secondary Shelf Size: 680 x 215mm

Overall Dimensions: 680 x 734mm

Workstation Min Height: 165mm

Workstation Max Height: 425mm